Thursday, December 6, 2012

Concept Motorcycles

Motorcycles are considered as a convenient mode of transportation. It is an economical mode of transport as the cost of fuel involved is comparatively lesser that a four wheeled vehicle. Motorcycles were first developed in 1885 and since then it has evolved to becoming a fast mode of transport. Many companies specialize in the production of motorcycles. Some individuals make use of them as a regular mode of transportation. Others may use them solely for recreational purposes, and a few may use motorcycles to promote their products. Concept motorcycles are an extension of normal motorcycles to facilitate usage as recreational or concept mode.

Concept motorcycles are based on a wide array of concepts that one may find interesting. Some concepts that may interest an individual may be the Statue of Liberty concept, the Comanche concept, an aircraft concept, a "black widow" concept, a jet concept, or a fire concept. These motorcycles are most sought after amongst bike enthusiasts who swear by their splendor. Custom-made motorcycles are expensive to buy because they house a number of accessories that are not commonly featured on regular bikes.

Design element is the most important while making a Concept Motorcycle. Designers and engineers work together to find a different concept that is practical to incorporate in the original framework. This concept is charted out on paper before it becomes reality. Designs are put under scrutiny for flaws and design inaccuracies. A dummy model is made from clay or wood once the designing problems are overcome. From here on the actual products are either ordered or made in-house. This is the most time consuming process as fabrication of customized parts can take days to manufacture. A mock up is made following that to check whether all parts fit correctly and if any further alteration is required. The motorcycle is then painted, fabricated, and finally put together.

Concept Motorcycles have become very popular in America. Some car companies have begun to make use of concept motorcycles to promote their products.

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