Saturday, March 2, 2013

Motorcycle Pinstriping - You Too Can Get Professional Results

If you want to create something unique when creating a custom bike then pinstriping is worth considering. Although no specialist skills are needed for pinstriping as the task is made simpler through using templates and stencil tape. But if you do find the whole process difficult or you aren't able to get the look you want then the motorcycle pinstriping can be completed at an auto body shop and they will make sure that each pinstripe on it is perfect. With pinstriping you are aiming to create a new and unique look to your motorcycle that will make it stand out from the rest.

Motorcycle pinstriping has been around for many years and has continued to gain popularity among motorcycle owners. Beginning in the 1950s, vehicle pinstriping became a way of decorating vehicles and has come a long way since. For those who enjoy showcasing, motorcycle pinstriping is an important asset in the appearance of the motorcycle.

Look at what interests you have when trying to choose a pinstripe design for your motorcycle. If once you know what it is you want to do you have the choice of buying a readymade pinstripe design stencil or template, or you can have a go at doing the pinstripe design yourself freehand.

The appliance of motorcycle pinstriping can be carried out either using a kit or getting an auto body shop to do it. The kits available contain stencils that allow you to have a consistent outline for the design chosen, and for the stencils to be applied onto a motorcycle one needs to get some pinstriping paint and brushes. However, more often motorcycle pinstriping is carried out in an auto body shop where the pinstripers will apply the design freehand. No matter what technique is used the motorcycle pinstriping needs to be carefully applied so that it adds the custom look to the motorcycle.

Along with careful application of the designs, motorcycle pinstriping requires special tools to be used. A pinstriping brush should be used as the primary tool of the application process. The use of this special brush will result in a professional design on your motorcycle even if you create the design at home. The brushes are structured to provide comfort and control as you apply your design.

Another piece of equipment needed is a pinstriping tool and using this ensures that the motorcycle pinstriping can be applied thoroughly as one paints the edges of the bike. It allows you not only to paint a single straight line but sets of parallel ones as well. Using these tools will ensure that the motorcycle design looks neat and the quality of the work is high.

Motorcycle pinstriping does offer a number of benefits to a bike owner. However, you need to remember that when applying motorcycle pinstriping it has to be done carefully and neatly to ensure that the professional look is maintained. To create perfect pinstripes is going to take time and you will need plenty of patience. However, if you are able to master this skill using the various different techniques for applying you will be able to create a completely unique look for your motorcycle. If you are able to gain an interest and understanding of motorcycle pinstriping then you will begin to appreciate these unique designs more.

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